Active Travel England – Making England safer for cycling and walking

Active Travel England – Making England safer for cycling and walking

Aug 18 , 2022

Feva Marketing

In 2017, the first UK government strategy for investment into cycling and walking was published.

Since the pandemic struck and adversely affected public transport, with many rural areas losing connections all together, it seems the strategy and investment have both been brought into the forefront, with a second investment strategy now released.

First, let’s talk money…

In May 2020, the UK Government pledged a £2 billion package of spending to support walkers and cyclists, the largest amount of dedicated spending ever committed to increasing walking and cycling in England.

The new investment strategy report to Parliament looks at the total investment into active travel in England until 2025 and investment principles, among other items on the agenda.

Secondly, what’s the plan?

In July of this year (2022), the second investment strategy was published, outlining the objectives:

  • increase the percentage of short journeys in towns and cities that are walked or cycled
  • increase walking
  • double cycling
  • increase the percentage of children aged 5 to 10 who usually walk to school.

In the report, that was presented by the Secretary of State for Transport, it is stated, ‘Total cycling stages in England are forecast to increase from 1.2 billion stages in 2020 to between 1.2-1.6 billion stages by 2025.’ An increase of 0.4 billion stages.

Finally, accountability…

The Government have created an executive agency with Olympic gold medallist and cyclist, Chris Boardman at the helm, Active Travel England who, in partnership with the Department for Transport, Sustrans, Living Street and We Are Cycling, will oversee and hold accountable, the plans to create and improve active travel routes across the country.

The responsibility lies with Active Travel England to raise awareness of the benefits to active travel, which run to reducing childhood obesity, lowering the prevalence of mental health conditions and reducing carbon emissions, all of which are hot topics with the Government, with the likes of town councils, local businesses and schools.

Active Travel England make evidence, funding, ideas and updates accessible to all through their online portal.

As a business in England, and parents of school-age children, Feva Star Seat support the initiatives as shared by the partnership companies, and we’d be grateful if you could share this article with your local councillors and encourage active travel in your local schools where you can. Simply ask the question, ‘how are you making it safer for children to walk or cycle to school?’

Thank you for reading, and happy cycling.