Autumn cycling with kids – what to wear

Autumn cycling with kids – what to wear

Nov 07 , 2023

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Fewer daylight hours, and unpredictable weather means you could well be questioning what to wear (or pack) when you take the kids out for an afternoon’s bike ride or track day…

Here’s some ideas from the Feva Star team on how to contend with changeable weather and changeable attitudes to it!

Comfort is priority

You can’t be dealing with niggling complaints about rucked up socks or wedgies, so whatever you put your little ones in for a bike ride, make sure it moves with their bodies. The riding position in a Feva Star Seat is similar to their highchair or booster seat at the table, but they’ll be moving with the terrain, leaning this way and that, so we’d avoid denim for sure!

Jogging bottoms, leggings, sweatshirts and generally soft, flexible materials are best.

To waterproof or not to waterproof..?

This a question we guarantee we’ve all pondered whilst standing in the garden – will we need waterproofs for this bike ride?!

As the rider, you’ll probably favour cool comfort over sweaty waterproofs and risk getting a bit wet rather than ‘boiling in the bag’ unnecessarily. However, your little one is less likely to be exerting as much effort as you and so we’d say either dress them in the waterproofs if it looks reasonably likely to rain, or certainly pack them in your rucksack (especially if you plan to stop off – there could be puddles to stomp in!)

Hands, arms, legs, necks and heads…

When your child is in their bike seat, these little extremities can be exposed to much cooler air as you power through your ride. You can purchase very simple pull-on warmers for arms, legs and necks (buffs) for children that will pack down small in your bag. As for heads, the helmet is essential, and so a thin un-impeding skull cap style hat is better than a knitted beanie underneath, or hood over the top. The risk of the hood is that your child may not be able to move their head freely, or risk missing the view at the side.

Layers are always good

And not just for fashion… Cycling with children, or rather stopping to play mid-ride with children, can raise their temperature quickly. Going from stationery in the seat with the wind blowing right at them, to running about, jumping and climbing means if you can strip off a layer, or add one easily when you get back in the saddle, you’re more likely to have a comfortable kid, and a happy one at that.

Base layers are worn tight against the skin, such as a vest or long sleeved t-shirt and should keep the wind out. Moisture wicking materials are best for comfort, and some stylish ones are good enough to be worn alone.

Mid layers are the ones that can come off and on easily and top layers would be an extra jumper, or coat. The choice of thickness depends on your child’s preference and the weather at the time.

It's the little things that count

We always have a lip balm to hand! Little things like that can really have a lasting effect on the enjoyment of riding when you’re a child. Sun cream may also be applied to small faces as we can still get strong enough sun well into October in the UK. And of course, your cycling first aid kit – because in any season you may need to wear a plaster!

We hope that our advice allows to you to continue enjoying cycling with your children this autumn. If you have any tips of your own, let us know with your photos on social media. Just look for @fevaseat…

Happy cycling!