Cycle to School Week 2022 with Bikeability, Sustrans and 15% off Feva Star Seats

Cycle to School Week 2022 with Bikeability, Sustrans and 15% off Feva Star Seats

Sep 12 , 2022

Feva Marketing

It’s that time of year again! The Bikeability Trust and Sustrans are joining formidable forces to encourage children and families to cycle to school for the week of October 3rd to 7th.

‘Swapping the car for cycling on the school run could save families £160 year – and Cycle to School Week saved £20,000 of fuel in 2021.’ Bikeability

Ditch the petrol and get to school under pedal power instead – infinitely sustainable and very low cost, cycling will give your kids a hit of oxygen, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin to get their brains and bodies ready for the day at school.

Celebrating cycling

The two organisations, Bikeability Trust and Sustrans hope to encourage families and schools to celebrate cycling by pledging to swap one car journey for cycling, cycling to school every day, cycle with their family or discover somewhere new to go for a bike ride.

Sounds doable to us!

Pledge to do your bit

On average, according to Cycling UK just 2.2% of children cycle to school and a huge 35.4% are driven to school, even though the average journey is less than 2.5 miles.

You can pledge to do your bit on the Bikeability website, where you can also find details of how you can be in with a chance to win a Frog City 61 Bike.

Schools, PE leads and teachers can also find out how to introduce the Cycle to School Week to their students using presentations, class activities and even lesson plans – that has to be a bonus!

Let’s have those conversations about using cycling to improve mental health, physical health, congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

‘If just one child cycled to school instead of travelling in the car for a year, it would save almost half a tonne in carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to growing eight trees for a decade or charging 58,388 mobile phones. Cycling to school reduces congestion, improves air quality and makes neighbourhoods quieter and more pleasant places to live.’ Bikeability

Get money off your Feva Star Seat until 7th October

In celebration of Cycle to School Week, Feva is offering 15% off our kid’s bike seats from now until the end of the special week.

All you have to do is enter CYCLE2SCHOOL at checkout to see the price reduction. Feel free to share this offer with your friends and family.

We hope you can join in with the Cycle to School Week celebrations, we’ll be doing what we can around our busy lifestyles, to make as much difference as we can. Please share your photos of you and the kids on the school run, and use #CycleToSchoolWeek and #FevaStarSeat on social media so everyone gets to see them!