Cycle to Work Schemes – Are they worth it?

Cycle to Work Schemes – Are they worth it?

Apr 01 , 2022

Feva Marketing

Getting back to the office, rising fuel prices and warmer weather are all great reasons to think about cycling to work instead of taking the car. Not to mention the mental and physical health benefits for both you and your children, if you’re doing the school run on the way…

In a nutshell, what is the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Basically, the scheme is a government aided incentive to get people to leave the car behind and get on two wheels for their commute.

As a cyclist you get to make savings when you buy a new bike and spread the payments directly from your salary, before tax. Accessories are also included in the scheme, but your employer doesn’t give you any further incentives to sign up to the scheme, if indeed they are part of it.

As an employer, you get to pay less National Insurance for each staff member who joins, and can spread the word about how you’re reducing congestion, parking difficulties and pollution.

The pros and cons of the Cycle to Work Scheme…

Clearly as an avid cyclist you now have even more time on your bike – win! However, what if you don’t need or want a new bike? There’s not a great deal of incentive, other than new accessories to make the ride safer and more comfortable.

On top of that, how are you going to arrive fresh and well dressed if you’ve just cycled an hour down the A40 to Cheltenham?

We can understand why you might not be tempted to join the scheme, especially if you’re used to making phone calls on your way in, or home, and carrying your bags in the car boot rather than on your back. BUT! We encourage you to think of the real benefits…

Cyclist UK have worked out the cost savings, reckoning ‘Someone on a lower income, therefore paying a lower rate of tax, will likely save around 32% off of their purchases initially while high earners, paying more tax, will be saving up to 42%.Cyclist UK

And even if you want to use your existing bike, there’s still decent savings to be made on upgrading your gear, but if you did get a new bike, you can change it every year - think of that..!

All you need to do now is talk to HR and get on the scheme - it costs absolutely nothing to join.

Employers - Find out more about the Cycle to Work Scheme from’s ‘Cycle to Work Scheme Guidance for Employers