I’ve got an E-bike, will a front mounted kids bike seat fit?

I’ve got an E-bike, will a front mounted kids bike seat fit?

Oct 01 , 2021

Feva Marketing

A question that comes up more and more these days it seems! The answer in short is yes, probably, but there is a longer answer…

It revolves around the shape of your bike’s cross bar and ease of fitting.

Some front mounted bike seats require mounting bars and extra adapters may be required if your e-bike has a zero-stack head tube. This type of seat also adds an element of fiddliness when you want to remove it between rides with the kids or swap from one bike to another. They’re often constructed from coated metal too, risking your paint job and add extra weight to your ride.

The Feva Star Seat fits most bikes with a regular cross bar/top tube angle, regardless of what’s going on with your front suspension. If you have a ‘shopper’ this will fit, but we wouldn’t recommend a front mounted seat for a Dutch style bike where the top bar is extremely low.

range of bikes that will and will not fit the Feva Star Seat

E-bikes and electric hybrid bikes that have chunkier frames to allow for the on-board battery can accommodate some front mounted kids bike seats, depending on the method of mounting and ease of fitting.

One thing we can say for sure, is that the Feva Star Seat fits e-bikes very well, without issue.

Due to the webbing strap fixings of the Feva, any size frame can be accommodated. There is no metal in our seat or fixings so it won’t damage your frame and it’s super lightweight, so won’t drain your battery any more than an extra passenger would anyway.

As E-Mountainbike magazine puts brilliantly, “Front mounted MTB child seats are game changers for mountain biker parents. How else can a 12 month old feel the thrill of speeding over the ground and whizzing around bends in between the arms of the person that they trust the most in the world?” https://ebike-mtb.com/en/

If you’d like to teach your child the love of cycling on your e-bike, but you’re not sure the Feva Star Seat will fit, send us a photo on Facebook Messenger or DM us on Instagram and we’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, get a look at the seat in greater detail in our installation guide video.

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