Fancy a bit of a change? Try a family cycling holiday to Spain

Fancy a bit of a change? Try a family cycling holiday to Spain

Dec 08 , 2022

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Spain is a beautiful country, rich with epic landscapes, gorgeous beaches and delicious food. It’s also a great destination for family holidays, with traffic-free kid-friendly cycling routes.

If cycling holidays for you have been geared (see what we did there?) towards your preferences of adventurous hill climbs with the kids in a bike seat, Spain could be a great way to encourage self-propelled cycling from the little ones now they’re bigger…

In fact, with the many and varied opportunities for family cycling, that take you past volcanoes and sandy beaches, you’re bound to find a Spanish cycling holiday to suit you and your activity levels.

Where to go in Spain for family bike rides

Having done a little bit of research, our top pick would the region of Catalonia. Much of the cycling routes are on trails that are closed off to traffic, so you can ride alongside each other whilst enjoying the views of lakes, wetlands, medieval villages and beaches.

According to Responsible Travel, kids are ‘welcomed with open arms everywhere’ in Catalonia…

Another place that gets talked about in a lot of travel blogs is Camino de Santiago. Here in Northern Spain, you’re guaranteed sunshine and child friendly cycling routes that promise a bit more of a challenge if your little ones are still in the passenger seat, or a bit older with more experience.

The Active Traveller writes about their experience of this holiday in their blog.

Think Andalucia and you may immediately think it’s far too hilly for a family bike trip thanks to it’s spectacular mountain ranges, but you might be surprised. There is also beautiful countryside and sandy beaches to be explored on easy bike trails such as Via Verde de la Sierra. This route takes you through tunnels and over viaducts along a disused railway line.

Not only is this route described by Hike and Bike as easy, it’s a gentle downhill for most of the way too!

And if you are thinking of venturing over to Spain for your biking holiday, we’d recommend checking out the Cultural Atlas of Spain where you can learn about the customs, history and some polite greetings before you land.

It just remains for us to say tener unas buenas vacaciones!