Not all front mounted child bike seats are built the same!

Not all front mounted child bike seats are built the same!

Jan 20 , 2022

Feva Marketing

Many front mounted kids bike seats offer similar benefits:

  • Your child can see where they’re going
  • They can hear you better
  • You can reach them and point out things on the ride
  • Some use lap restraints to free up the shoulders for greater movement and counter balancing.

But the Feva Star Seat is a seat with a difference, and not just because it’s yellow…

No scratchy metal parts

Other front mounted child bike seats also come with metal brackets, clamps and crossbars. Due to the nature of the forward position most are designed to clamp around the frame, sometimes requiring removal of your seat (dropper seat posts make this task particularly difficult), or the handle bars and headstem.

If this isn’t the case, then there are generally metal clips or bolts that threaten your bike’s paint job and your patience.

The Feva Star Seat is 100% metal free. The seat itself is made of EVA foam and webbing straps with sturdy plastic clips. You will not require an adjustable spanner or set of alum keys to fit this beauty!

Fitting the Feva Star Seat

(And, that makes it easier to take off and put on at a moment’s notice too)…


For mountain bike enthusiasts, you want to keep your frame weight to a minimum, and for commuters and school-runners, well, the same right? All those unnecessary brackets and clamps can add considerable weight to your bike, up to 6 kilograms!

The high-density foam construction of the Feva Star Seat means it weighs less than 700g for the lot.

Lightweight kids bike seat - the Feva Star Seat being assembled

And bonus – it disassembles in a flash and fits in a back pack too.

Our purpose

We brought Feva Star Seat over from South Africa when, whilst on holiday, the family discovered the only bike seat our son would tolerate. He had previously been scared of riding with us, making it impossible to enjoy family bike rides. And for a mountain biking family, that hurt!

Seeing our son’s delight and eagerness to ‘have a try’ on this bright yellow seat, that put him ‘in control’, was a massive turning point for us. Our son is now the proud model for the product and you can read about our Feva Star Seat story in our first blog.

We believe:

  • That kids bike seats should educate children in cycling
  • In spending time with family and fostering a life-long love of cycling
  • That kids deserve the best view of their ride, not someone’s back (or worse)
  • Children will be less inclined to be on their devices and more inclined to be in the great outdoors
  • That kids will choose to do what they want to do, given the option!

'The Feva Star Seat was chosen by my son... The end user, the product manager, the happy kid out for a ride with his dad.' Nick Tallents, Director of Feva Star Seats

Our founder's son, Jack modelling the Feva Star Seat on his dad's bike.

Our seat made a world of difference to our lives, and we’d like you to feel the same.

Visit the Feva Star Seat online shop for free UK delivery, and enjoy the ride!