Too small for a new bike this Christmas?

Too small for a new bike this Christmas?

Nov 23 , 2021

Feva Marketing

It’s the classic gift for children at Christmas, a shiny new bike that’s been hidden in the garage for weeks on end and wrapped in duvet cover, but what if your little one is still too little for a bike of their own?

There are a few options to make sure your children get to experience the joy of cycling this year and the excitement of unwrapping an awesome bike related gift, so here’s a taster of what’s out there. We hope this gives you some inspiration.

Neck gaiters

Like the Peter Storm Polar Chute at £9. We’ve talked about comfort when cycling in winter before, but these fun designs from Peter Storm will not only keep those little necks warm, but looking really cool at the same time (see what we did there?). We’re sure your kids will love them.

Peter Storm Neck Chutes

Balance bike

For the in-between stage when moving from a bike seat to a shredding machine of their own, there’s the balance bike. Teaching your children to control their balance whilst operating a bike makes for a smoother progression from buckles to pedals. Have a look at these balance bike reviews to help you choose.

Balance bikes

LED wheel lights

As seen in Waterstones for only £7.99, these bike wheel lights could funk up your kids balance bike (and yours), and bonus, teach them about being safe on the road in the darker mornings and afternoons. They should come with a warning though, your kitchen will become a bike disco if you’re not careful!

LED bike wheel lights

Cycling jerseys

Even two-year olds get to wear awesome cycling gear with Little Riders! They’ll love the bright colours and geometric print designs, and they’ll feel super-special, like mum or dad when they wear it. Choose from a wide variety to match your own bike frame, so you look the dogs with your set-up.

Cycling jerseys for small children

Custom graphics

For the serious rider, you can get customised adhesive graphics to decorate your kids bike seat, balance bike or cycling helmet. At only £7 a pop, why not go for a set and match your kid with your own favourites?!

Custom designed bike stickers

If you’re still stuck for kids cycling related Christmas present ideas, why not join a cycling community, like Little Riders UK, or Family Cycling UK on Facebook? You can find out what everyone else is doing, ask questions and get some great ideas. Feel free to like our Feva Star Seat page while you’re there!

It just remains to say, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, filled with adventures together 🎄