Should I choose a child’s bike seat or bike trailer?

Should I choose a child’s bike seat or bike trailer?

Apr 25 , 2023

Feva Marketing

This is a good question and one that we’d like to help you answer. Trailers are great if you have younger children, or more than one and want to get them out and about. They’re great for commuting to and from school by bike and stashing bags.

However, there are some things to consider when choosing between a bike trailer and a kids bike seat…

Where will you keep it when not in use?

A bike trailer is large and requires a fair number of fixtures and tools to fit. Not only that, but you also have to find somewhere to store it when you want your mountain bike to yourself.

With a kids bike seat, they’re much quicker to remove and smaller to store.

With a platform-style front mounted kids bike seat, they’re even smaller, and the Feva Star Seat doesn’t require any tools - you can even take it on and off mid-ride and stash it in your rucksack.

What do you need it for?

Weigh up when you’ll use it most. Is it primarily for the school run? Is it so you can go on family bike rides? Is it so you can engage your child in your favourite downhill sport?

Trailers might work well for the school run, but they’re straight-up dangerous on a blue run! Whereas a kids bike seat is perfectly suited for the school run as long as they’re not having a guitar lesson that day…

If you need to transport two children, you can still use two bike seats – front and back, but you’ll need to consider your own cycling proficiency when mounting and dismounting.

How old is your child?

Bike trailers are suitable from around 12 months, a rear or front mounted bike seat is suitable from around the time they can sit upright which can be from 9 months. If you intend to go mountain biking on trails though, we suggest a soft front mounted bike seat from around 18 months of age, when the back and core are stronger.

What do you and your child want out of it?

Do you have the kind of lifestyle that embraces the outdoors and the wind in your face, or are you more a home-comfort type? A bike trailer will protect your child from the elements and offers a little more ‘comfort’ from the back support provided, but being outdoor types ourselves we’d urge you to consider a seat, and a front mounted one at that, of course!

Back supports and shoulder straps might seem safer and more comfortable, but in fact they can constrict your child’s movement, forcing them into an unnatural shape. If you add the force of a bike ride, and the length of time in that position, it could become very uncomfortable or cause ongoing discomfort.

With a platform style bike seat, the core stability is developed as the back and shoulders are free to move with the ride and enjoy the view.

We hope this article has helped you make a choice, and that you ultimately choose the Feva Star Seat, but if you have any other questions at all, check the FAQs, or message us on Instagram.