Summer cycling – Stay cool, kids

Summer cycling – Stay cool, kids

Jun 22 , 2023

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Some things in life are certain, and one of those things is that the sun will rise - and summer is coming! And we hope another certainty is that you and the kids will get out and about on your bikes and make the most of the longer days and school summer holidays…

The following tips are deigned to make it all the more enjoyable.

1.      Sun cream

Sensitive skin is always in need of protection against the sun harmful rays. If like someone not so far away from us isn’t keen on lotion, you could try a spray, or have some fun with brightly coloured lotion – especially if it matches the bikes paintjob! The NHS recommend giving it 30 minutes to bind properly to the skin before venturing out, and then reapplying to the ‘high points’ as you leave.

2.      Pitstops for water

Of course, we all know the importance of good hydration, especially if we’re being active and in hotter temperatures. Children themselves may not notice that they’re becoming dehydrated, even if they’re a bit thirsty, so try to work in regular pitstops to ‘top up the fluids’ and keep them hydrated.

Try packing your rucksacks together and popping some fruit or cucumber slices into the bottle make a change.

3.      Lightweight layers

There are loads of great technical cycling jerseys for kids on the market, but if you’re popping out for a family jaunt, you might not want to get changed into proper gear. Most comfortable are cotton or viscose fabrics as they natural or breathable.

Whatever they wear, it might be worth adding an extra lightweight layer to the rucksack in case you’re caught out by the weather.

4.      Aim for the shade, and maybe a paddling spot

Out in the woods or at your local track you’ll have added protection from the sun by nature’s umbrellas – trees, and if you are lucky enough to live near a ford or stream, chuck a microfibre towel in the bag and go paddling.

Invest in some insect repellent and bite relief spray too!

5.      A picnic tea

Lunch by the river or in the woods might seem ideal, but at mid-day the sun is at its strongest and most damaging, and delicate skin it at its most vulnerable. Mid-day outdoor exercise and prolonged exposure to the sun is best avoided in the height of summer. How about a tea-time picnic instead?

Or a beer garden for a sneaky lemonade..?

We hope you have been inspired by these tips, but we’re sure you must have some of your own to share. Tag us in your posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share with us using #FevaStarSeat.