How to teach your child cycling etiquette

How to teach your child cycling etiquette

Aug 19 , 2021

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One of the values of the Feva Star Seat is that your young one is right up front on the ride with you. They get the best view, they hear so much more of what you say, and they see how cyclists behave on a ride. Teaching your child cycling etiquette is just as important as P&Qs at the table! Good cycling etiquette can prevent accidents, especially on trails...

Respect for the signage

We have to follow directions in all walks of life and rides too! On public bike trails the routes are one-way to prevent head on collisions, so you can point the signs out to your child, even make a game of spotting or counting them. And if you’ve just shredded a downhill together, be sure to walk back up the push-up track rather than on the trail itself!

Catching up with slower riders

As an adult out on the trails, you are likely to come across and catch up with slower riders such as newcomers or youngsters. It can be nerve-wracking for someone with little or no experience to have a bike come up behind at speed, even if you don’t think you’re going that fast because your child is in the front seat. Catching up with a slower rider is a great opportunity to show your child how to respect others by calling out ‘good afternoon’ on approach (or similar), and clearly saying thank you as you pass with plenty of room.

Letting others pass

Likewise, the way you respond to other people passing you on the trails teaches your child a lot about how to react to the situation. If someone passes with little room, frightens you or your child, or doesn’t say thank you, it can be tempting to give a shout or sign of disapproval for their behaviour (you all know what we mean!) But trail rage is as common as road rage and can make a scary situation worse for children. It’s not the best lesson either…

Don’t be a litterbug

We’re children of the 80’s when the litterbug campaign hit primary schools in a big way, and there were lessons we’ve never forgotten – cut the plastic tops of a six pack, take the lid completely off the tin and NEVER DROP LITTER. These trails are where we come to relax and let off steam, spend time with our friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors – Teach your children how to keep it great by packing a bag for litter and making a point of taking it to a bin or back home with you.

Can you stop to help another rider?

We always advise taking a first aid kit out on a trail ride with you, especially if you’re out with your kids, and one of the most useful items we’ve ever had to hand was a spray for stings! You’ll be an absolute hero if you can come to the aid of another rider, whether it’s someone needing a plaster, tube change or directions, particularly in the eyes of your child.

Remember, if you see an upturned bike in the middle of the trail, it has been closed due to an accident. It’s not always appropriate to go around the obstacle and have a look, even if you do just want to offer help.

Do you have any other tips, or experiences that have taught you or your child a lesson on the trails? We’d love to hear your stories on any of our social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #FevaStarSeat.

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