A toddlers to-do list

A toddlers to-do list

Mar 04 , 2022

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The weather getting warmer got us thinking about what we could do outside with the kids. We’ve had a brilliant half term; out on the bikes, climbing trees and visiting friends, and that prompted us to put together this list of things to do before you get too big!

Not an exhaustive list by any means, and we’d love to hear your contributions too…

Splash in the puddles with mum or dad 

It’s only muddy water! And the resulting bath time can be just as fun too…

Splash in puddles

Go fly a kite

There’s always a bit of wind around the corner and you’ll be surprised just how exhilarating it is!

Plant some flowers and watch them grow

Spring is the perfect time to plant food we can eat, and you’ll get to enjoy it on your plate in a couple of months.

Go for a family hike or bike ride

Sling the bike seat or balance bike over your shoulder and off you go!

Do a nature scavenger hunt

Collect different leaves, stones, go bug spotting or even get some photography in.

Feed the ducks or pigeons

Have you ever noticed how ducks chatter and laugh?

Catch some bugs and talk about them

There’s a device called a pooter that helps with this. Buy them for just a few pounds online, or make your own.

Watch the birds and look them up

Get a book or go online to identify the birds that visit your chosen space.

Roll down a hill

We have very fond memories of this one – although our parents don’t!

Lift your feet off the pedals going downhill

And we still go freewheeling now, even as adults…

Build a sand (or mud) castle

It’s a great time of year playing about in the mud, and beaches can be just as fun without the sunshine.

Draw a chalk obstacle course on the pavement

Brilliant for a wet or windy day when you don’t fancy going out. The chalk will last a couple of showers and it’s interesting to see what kind of people will hop, skip and jump along your course!

What can be fun is to build a simple wall chart together, listing the things you want to do at weekends or in the school holidays. Find some bright stickers to use as markers and stick them on the chart as the items are completed.

What items will you be ticking off your list this weekend?