What age can a baby use a front mounted bike seat?

What age can a baby use a front mounted bike seat?

Mar 28 , 2023

Feva Marketing

There are lots of different styles of front mounted children’s bike seats, some with a back support much like the rear mounted one’s you’re familiar with, others like ours, are platform style. The age from which your child can use a front mounted bike seat depends on the style you choose.

The style of bike seats with a back support are suitable for use from around 9 months, however we don’t recommend this style as they’re usually made from hard, but padded plastic which can be uncomfortable and less shock absorbing than high density foam. Kids bike seats with back supports also include shoulder straps which can restrict movement and put pressure on the child’s back.

The full back style is also not meant for mountain bike trail riding, which is what we really want, right?!

Platform style front mounted bike seats are suitable for children from around 18 months as they have a stronger muscular system around the back and abdomen at that age, which they utilise and continue to strengthen as they accompany you on the bike ride.

Without shoulder straps the core muscles will be the major support for the upper body, and without the full back support their bodies are free to move naturally according to the ride.

Most platform style bike seats also include padding on the seats, but most are still made from the harder plastic and come with a set of bolts and washers for fitting. These are sturdy and safe to use and the child will have a great time positioned with a front-row seat for adventure!

The Feva Star Seat goes one step further, however. The high density EVA foam that it’s constructed from is highly shock-absorbing, and the tool-free, strong webbing straps used for fitting the seat to your bike do not damage your frame or paint work in any way. Perfect for high adrenaline blue trails!

So, the quick answer to your question of what age can a child use a front mounted bike seat is, if you choose the Feva Star Seat, around 18 months and weighing 22kg.

If you’d like to know more about the seat and how it enhances your ride, please check the FAQs, or shoot us a message on hello@fevastarseat.com, or social media: Facebook: @fevaseat, Instagram: @fevaseat, Twitter: @fevaseat_

Enjoy the ride 😊