What age can my child start riding a mountain bike? Graduating from seats to pedals…

What age can my child start riding a mountain bike? Graduating from seats to pedals…

Jul 21 , 2022

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Summer holidays are upon us and what better time to learn how to ride a mountain bike than now? The light is great, the weather is warm and dry, and they’ll be eager to start brand new cycling adventures with you!

Our friends at Little Riders UK have some brilliant tips and courses for youngsters learning to ride, ranging from balance bikes to road safety courses, but let’s start with our best advice to get your little one balancing on their own two wheels…

Balance bikes – 2 and a half years old

Suitable from around 2.5 years of age depending on your child’s balance skills and eagerness.

Balance bikes are great to sling over your back when your child is still in the bike seat (if they’re mounted on the front), so you can swap over when the terrain and energy levels allow.

We didn’t have balance bikes when we were kids, so dad might have taken the pedals off our big brother’s hand-me-down, or we just kept on trying and suffered the falls and pedals to the shins!

Thankfully though, that can be avoided these days.

Their own two wheels – 4 years old

With great mountain bikes comes great responsibility! When they reach around 4 years of age and can manage a bike with a 20-inch wheel, kids will be ready to venture off on their own bike. But they ought to be taught about safety and responsible bike ownership at the same time as how not to stare at the front tyre whilst pedalling!

Green MTB trails are suitable for children aged around 4 years too, so with careful planning you could find yourselves enjoying that buzz sooner than you thought!

Agility courses and trails – 9 years old

Of course there are some lovely trails that are suitable for all ages including balance bikes, but the real thrill comes when you’re under your own pedal power on a blue run! That comes from around 9 or 10 years of age, when your child can think quickly, react and has a little more experience of riding.

Natural MTBers will want to get out on the red runs as soon as possible, so be prepared to let them go and find their own fun!

Is your child ready to graduate from a bike seat? Here are some other resources that might be helpful on the next step;

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We love seeing your photos and videos of your little riders, so share them with us on social media using #FevaStarSeat so we don’t miss it, especially if they’re graduating!