Will the Feva Star Seat fit my bike and will it get in my way?

Will the Feva Star Seat fit my bike and will it get in my way?

May 17 , 2021

Feva Marketing

This blog is all about fit - whether the seat fits your bike and whether it or your child will get in the way of your view, control of the handle bars and/or pedal stroke, so let’s tackle these questions one at a time...

My bike has virtually no cross bar...

The Feva Star Seat will fit almost any bike, whether you are a fan of off-roading on mountain bikes or using your road bike for commuting and getting from A to B. Even E-bikes which can have chunky frames are mostly compatible with this kids bike seat.

However, there are some bicycle designs, particularly those with a steep crossbar/top tube angle that are just not suitable for the Feva Star Seat.

Shopper bicycle with Feva Star Seat fitted

This customers’ ‘shopper’ style bicycle is probably at the limit for a steep top tube while still providing a safe and comfortable ride for both her and her child.

Perhaps your bike looks more like this?

 Road bike with Feva Star Seat fitted

As you can see, the Feva Star Seat is very adaptable and can be moved from one bike to another, depending on who is going out and where you are going.

So the seat fits my bike, but won’t my child’s head or legs get in my way?

The Feva Star Seat is positioned right up at the headstem of the bike, keeping your child forward and mostly with good clearance of your body. However, bikes, children and adults are all unique, so depending on your riding setup and position it is possible, however unlikely that the child's head will come into contact with your body. 

It’s very difficult to give you a maximum height of child that would fit comfortably because they are many variables, including how tall you are and how steep your top tube is, however please note the maximum weight recommendation is 22kg.

As for your pedal stroke, the narrow design means there should be little or no interference. Some people do find they naturally open their knees further when the Feva Seat is fitted, but this really is likely to be unnecessary. Even if your child has particularly long legs, our design prevents dangling feet and so nothing will get in the way of your pedals going round.

If you would like to know for sure if the Feva Star Seat is the right fit for your family cycling adventures, please drop us an email with photos of your bike, preferably from two or three different angles if possible hello@fevastarseat.com.

We will be happy to take a look and advise you further.

Please be assured you will receive honest and safe advice from experienced cyclists, and if our seat isn't the one for you, we are happy to make suggestions on alternative products based on our own knowledge.