Welcome to our install guide for the Feva Star Seat.
Whether you have already purchased, or just thinking about it, we are going to show you how quick and easy it is to fit the Feva Star Seat to your bike. 
Place the correctly assembled seat over the crossbar and against the headset.
If you have a chunky frame, it is ok if the stirrups spread apart. We will tighten it all up shortly.

Thread the blue strap around the front of the headset and fasten through the buckle.

Hold the seat so it is level then look from the side.

Some bikes have a very steep crossbar angle, so might need to be in the lower slot adjusters.

Road or Hybrid bikes have a horizontal crossbar and so would use the higher slot adjusters.

It is ok if the seat is tilted up slightly, or level but the seat must not be tilted down.

Now locate the yellow strap.
If you need to change the slot, use a blunt round and flat utensil to help thread the strap through.
Ensure the stirrups are clear of the front wheel, also considering space for the child's feet.

Fasten the strap through the buckle, pull firmly to tension whilst holding the buckle, thread back through the buckle again.
Identify the slot adjuster nearest the top of the crossbar and thread the black strap through.

Retrieve the strap from the slot adjuster on the opposite side and pull it all through.
Thread the strap back through the slot adjuster on the lower side of the cross bar.

Fasten the strap through the buckle and pull firmly whilst holding the buckle to tension it.
If the seat is tilted up slightly, you can place a little downward pressure as you tighten the black strap.
If the seat is tilted down, lift the child off the seat, adjust the black strap by one slot adjuster and check again.

The seat should be firm with minimal movement, if the seat is moving around, tighten all straps.

Lower the adult seat so you can comfortably straddle the bike with both feat firmly on the floor when lifting the child on and off the bike. This is just for installation purposes.
Check the lap restraint has been correctly threaded and lift the child on to the seat, and fasten the strap over the child's lap, making length adjustments where required.
Whilst the lap restraint is not a legal requirement, Feva Star Seat is the only front mounted bike seat that features a lap restraint.

If you are ever unsure about anything regarding assembly or installation, please contact us before using the seat: (emails monitored regularly)
Now buckle up and enjoy your ride!